Duran Duran Lyric Quiz

Objective: Answer 7 or more questions correctly to go to Part Two.
The quiz is based on the music of the great band Duran Duran.
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1. "Telegram force and ready"

Ordinary World
Planet Earth
Union Of The Snake
Hungry Like The Wolf

2. "I never found out what made you leave"

Is There Anyone Out There
The Chauffer
Too Late Marlene
My Antartica

3. "Look now. Look all around"

First Impression
Planet Earth
Hold Me
Midnight Sun

4. "Leave them dying at the door"

So Long Suicide
To The Shore
New Moon On Monday
American Science

5. "High time is no time for deciding"

Girls On Film
The Reflex

6. "Every minute I keep finding clues that you leave behind"

Do You Believe In Shame?
So Misled
New Moon On Monday
Big Bang Generation

7. "The diving man's coming up for air"

To The Shore
Girls On Film
All Along The Water

8. "No more heroes, we twist and shout"

Union Of The Snake
My Own Way
Friends Of Mine

9. "Sometimes I'm caught in a landslide"

All She Wants Is
Of Crime and Passion
Girls On Film
Last Chance On The Stairway

10. "The aphids swarm up in the drifting haze"

The Chauffeur
To The Shore
Save A Prayer
The Seventh Stranger